TCF – Bulk Feeder

Tsubaki developed  flexible & compact TCF – Bulk Feeder to satisfy the demand of customers  to receive general bulk material  directly from tipping trucks  eliminating fixed civil works, deep pits and underground hoppers.

TCF – Bulk Feeder is a combination of wide slats & belt which provides the strength of apron feeder & flexibility of belt conveyor.

Wide Slat –belt design permits low loading heights which allows truck to discharge directly to the entry section of TCF – Bulk Feeder with a small access ramp.

Applications include bulk handling such as clinker, coal, alternate fuel, aggregates etc.

Salient Features

 Avoids Deep Pits, Hopper & Civil Works

 Controlled discharge of bulk materials received from trucks/ wagon unloading/front end loaders.

 Suitable for dry and dusty, lumpy and abrasive material.

 Suitable for  wet and sticky materials

 Integral bunker

 Flexibility of location

 No bridge formation or blockages

 Low dust generation owing to modest drop height and controlled discharge

 Less Power Consumption