Used for extracting material from storage hopper and delivering it at controlled rate to the down-stream conveyor system.

Heavy duty TSUBAKI chain – pin, bush & roller type with special attachments. Smaller pitch and precision construction of the chain ensures minimum noise and vibration.

Pressed pans are bolted to the chain attachments.

Thickness of the Apron feeder pans is selected based on the duty conditions and the type of material handled (thickness up to 12 mm). Optimal overlapping of the Pans is provided so that there is no leakage of material from the feeder.

A dribble conveyor is provided below the main conveyor – transporting the fines into the main discharge chute.

Rod gate is provided above the apron feeder for controlling the material feed rate.

The feeder has sturdy and rugged construction and is designed to withstand impact load resulting from large sized lumps falling into the Pans – from the storage silo, above.

Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, electronic shock relay.


Materials Handled such as


Cement clinker