Deep Pan Conveyors

Suitable for handling hot material like clinker in Horizontal and Inclined profile upto 45 degree.

Pans are pressed in high capacity presses using special dies which imparts high strength and ensures very less spillage of handled material.

Special alloy steel chain links are provided which have high abrasion resistance.

These chain links are with Non Back Bend type construction, which ensures no spillage of the material during loading and horizontal conveying.

Independent rollers are fixed at regular intervals to the pans.

Alloy steel rollers are with ball bearings which offer very less friction and are provided with special seals.

Sprockets are with segmental design and are provided with half pitch teeth which enhance sprocket life.

Special Screw type Take Up with Springs is provided for automatic tensioning during operation.

Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, electronic shock relay.