FC Flow Conveyor



Ideal for handling free-flowing, granular, pulverized bulk materials.

Compact design with single strand high speed roller chain.

Consists of models FC 150 to FC 750 (indicative inside width)

Supplied conveyors with Capacity range up to 500 m3/hr. & Conveyor Length up to 100 m (Individually).

The casings are totally enclosed, dust-tight and of rain-proof construction.

Offers flexibility of layout viz. multiple inlets and outlets. Conveyor profile horizontal or moderately inclined up to 10 degree.

Provided with TSUBAKI bushed roller chains – with specially designed attachments that ensure smooth flow of material. It is feasible to provide a variety of chain and flight attachments to best suit the characteristics of the material conveyed.

Chain roller moves on the bottom guide rail, in the conveying path and on the top guide rail in the return path.

Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, electronic shock relay.

Download Standard Dimensions PDF

Materials Handled such as


Raw Meal


Granulated slag

Soda ash

Limestone dust