Ash Handling & Pneumatic Conveying

Ash Handling Systems for solid fuel fired boilers.
Scope of supplies includes design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of complete Ash Handling Systems and Pneumatic Conveying Set-up for general application

Under this product range, we are offering:

  1. Bottom Ash / Bed Ash / Furnace Ash Systems
    1. Pneumatic conveying systems – Continuous ash removal system after ash temperature controlled to 150-200°C and predominantly fine grit ash with clinkers of about 10 mm size maximum is possible.
    2. Cooled Screw conveyors – Low capacity, continuous dry ash removal system handling ash clinkers of smaller sizes and temperatures up to 850°C using water jacketed screw conveyor.
    3. Water Impounded hopper with ash removal using Jet pumps – Ash is collected in a water filled refractory lined hopper and is removed intermittently at a much higher rate than the collection rate using Jet pumps after crushing it to suitably smaller size.
    4. Submerged Scraper conveyor – Continuous ash removal system handling clinkers / lumps of any size & temperature using a water filled chain conveyor.
    5. Submerged Belt conveyor – Ash is continuously removed using a water filled belt conveyor. Popular system for boilers where soft solid fuels like Bagasse is burnt and the ash does not form into hard big clinkers.
  2. Fly Ash System
    1. Pneumatic conveying system – Intermittent or continuous removal of ash by positive air pressure Dense Phase or lean phase systems as well as negative air pressure (vacuum) lean phase system.
    2. Mechanical conveying using chain conveyors – An economical system for low ash collection rate using chain or screw conveyors which can be also effectively used by combining with pneumatic conveying when longer conveying distance is required.
    3. Flushing apparatus system – Ash from hopper is continuously removed to form low concentration slurry of 10% to 15% by weight which flows by gravity in trenches or pipes to slurry sumps for further disposal using slurry pumps.
    4. Hydro Ejector System – High ash removal rate of 30 to 80 TPH by forming slurry of about 30% concentration. The formed slurry flows out by gravity for further handling by jet pumps or slurry pumps to disposal area.


Pneumatic Conveying for general application

Different bulk material is handled by Pneumatic conveying method using of positive air pressure Dense Phase or lean phase systems or negative air pressure (vacuum) lean phase system. The selection of System is made based on material properties and layout requirements / limitations.
Following are some of the different material which can be efficiently handled:

Bulk food & Milling powder industry Pet food and animal feed Power plants Abrasive material
Rubber and plastic Chemical industry Glass Steel industry
Building industry Ceramics Wood and pellets Environment and ecology
Mining industry Foundries