New Flightveyor (NFV)


Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor is a very compact, dust tight conveyor suitable for handling bulk material in intricate layouts.

  Conveying is by double strand chain with cross scraper.

  Being compact and flexible, occupies very less floor space as compared with other conventional conveyors.

  Requires minimal structural for support.

  Head casing can be designed to accommodate drive unit in it.

  NFV flightveyors are provided with world class Tsubaki Bushed Roller Chains manufactured in state of art facilities in Japan. These high efficiency chains have very less friction with respect to specially designed casing, hence the power required is very less.

  NFV flightveyors can be offered with multiple inlet / outlet depending on the layout.

Various layouts


Multiple Inlets & Discharge points


Chain link with scrapper

Download Standard Dimensions PDF