Coal Feeder


  Designed to convey wide variety of coal with various characteristics.

 Coal is conveyed by single / double strand forged / case-hardened chain links. Wear resistant guide rails are provided in conveying and return path. Specially designed flight attachment are welded/bolted to the chain links.

 Chain links are case carburized and heat-treated to 60 RC average having depth of 2 mm

  Consists of models MF -550 to MF 1200 D (indicative inside width)

  Supplied conveyors with Capacity range up to 312 m3/hr.

  The casings are totally enclosed, rugged, dust-tight construction.

 Head and tail sprockets are precision-machined and are induction-hardened at teeth flank. Sprockets are of segmented rim construction.

  Offers flexibility in the plant layout viz. horizontal & Straight Inclined as required.

  Multiple numbers of inlet and discharge openings can be provided at the required locations along the feeder path.

  Special Screw type Take Up with Springs is provided for automatic tensioning during operation.

 Special Features such as Rod Gate, Plate type slide gate, Motorised gate and additional feature such as Flow – No Flow switch and Sprocket Cleaning device are also provided for efficient performance of the feeders.

  Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, electronic shock relay.



Materials Handled such as