Corporate Philosophy: Tsubaki Spirit

As the Tsubaki Group’s corporate philosophy and code of conduct, Tsubaki Spirit is a representation and systematization of the Tsubaki Group DNA inherited from our forebears, and an expression of what the Tsubaki Group can offer to the world as well as the foundation for our values and what we must do going forward as part of our social mission, vision, principles of action, and founding philosophy.
As a manufacturing company, we strive to provide solutions that go beyond the framework of traditional manufacturing to provide the value truly required by customers and society—to further the “art of moving,” to provide value that exceeds the expectations of society, and to become a company that continues to be required by society.


Corporate Symbol Mark and Brand Message
The T in the Tsubaki corporate symbol combines four parallelograms with the stripes on the right-hand side working dynamically toward the future in a unified manner, representing the strong, integrated, and complementary development of our four businesses—chains, Motion Control, mobility, and materials handling.Meanwhile, the brand message “Innovation in Motion” is a strong declaration of the dedication of the Tsubaki Group to the idea of transformation through Motion, common to all Tsubaki business activities, both internal and external.