Gravimetric Feeder / Combination Feeder – for Boiler Fuel Feeding

Belt Weigh Feeder in combination with Chain Conveyor for accurate and controlled feeding of
Coal and other fuels for Boiler applications.

Gravimetric Belt Feeder
  Designed for required and controlled feed of pre-crushed
coal & other solid fuels with various characteristics.

  High quality rubber belt with continuous side walls of adequate height used for feeding fuel.

  High precision continuous weighing system provided.

  Closed loop system to ensure optimum feed rate varying from 5% to 100% of feeder
capacity as required by the boiler.

  Accurate accountability of fuel consumed with automatic record generation.

  Belt width as per required capacity.

  Designed for Dust & airtight construction.

A modified version of Gravimetric Feeder in combination with Drag Chain conveyor

  Drag chain conveyor is provided below a standard gravimetric feeder in same casing

  Inlet to outlet length can be adjusted as per layout by variation of chain conveyor length.

  Chain conveyor will act as buffer to prevent direct
contact of backfire / puffing with weigh belt feeder.

Retrofitting of existing Volumatic Chain Feeder is possible with minimum changes to
existing layout and with a short pay-back period.