Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Tsubaki Conveyor Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to develop, maintain and continually improve Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems to enhance environmental & OHS performance.

We treat ‘Environment & Safety’ as an integral part of our business activities. We recognise people as the most important asset and commit to provide a Safe, Healthy and Pollution free working environment for those who are working in the premises/precincts, visiting our operation/premises as business associates and common visitors as well.

In our operations, we are committed :-

  To protect the environment and prevent pollution in our manufacturing activities.

  To prevent Injury, Occupational Ill Health of all the employees/contractors & visitors.

  To eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks.

  To comply with legal and other requirements.

 To recycle and reuse of waste where ever possible.

 To increase awareness of EHS and seeking consultation, employees/subcontractor on matters related to EOHS implementation.

 To Provide and maintain Equipments and Systems of work, which as far as reasonably practicable and encompassing all available knowledge and information, are safe and without risk to health of employees.

 To Operate and maintain plants within the designated Safety, Occupational Health & Environmental criteria throughout their working life.

This policy will be reviewed from time to time and implemented by setting appropriate
objectives and targets